About Me

The girl behind Empowering Women Worldwide

Hey There! I’m Sonya – Girl from the UK doing my thing with my two children in tow. empowering women worldwide

Boy has life kicked me in the teeth more than a few times, but I’m still standing. I want to share some of my stories, show you that it CAN be done on your own and as a single parent too. I am a mother of two, Zayd is 9.5 years and Maya is 8.5 years. I became a single mum when they were just 2.5 and 3.5 years, I didn’t know my own name most days! No help from their dad or my mum. Exhausted would be putting it mildly. Not to mention the abusive relationship I escaped. See the picture below? That’s when my babies really were just tiny. See the right picture with my sons almost skinhead hair cut? That was my ex asserting his control and cutting off my sons hair, he thought it was ‘fun’ I was livid. He looked ill, it was awful. I was in a controlling relationship which I am free off and he can’t control me anymore. But more on that in my blog posts.

Why do I want to empower women?

Having been a single mum for far too may years, getting almost no help and getting zero for the first 2 years, I wanted to share how I did it. I want to inspire women that they CAN leave a dead relationship, that you CAN be happy alone, that you CAN be in a job you’re happy in.

I’ve got some hang ups, I have my down days, I have days when I think nobody will ever want me, but that’s the little devil whispering in my ear and I am choosing not to believe him 98% of the time. Because when it really comes down to it, I rock. There are so few women out there who are doing it COMPLETELY alone with no help from their exe’s or family And running a business, that I am proud (very proud even) of where I am today. I’ve done it on my own and that is an achievement. I think so anyway.

I hope you enjoy my quotes, blog posts and stories and continue to follow me. Have a wonderful day.

~ Sonya