Patience Quotes

How do we feel about Patience?

Patience, not an emotion (is it an emotion?) I don’t feel often, I’m more of a ‘jump and see what happens’ kinda girl. patience quote

I’ve been trying to adopt patience with my daughter (Maya 8.5 years) this summer. She’s suddenly very ‘grown up’ and rather ‘showy off’ and it’s frustrating. It can get embarrassing too. We’ve had words on several occasions. I sat here tonight looking at these quotes and wanted to share them. Maybe you can resonate with them too.

patience quote

My daughter has made me feel like this one below the most lol! However, they’re going to their dads for a long weekend tomorrow. The break will do us all good. I feel ready to take it all again once I’ve had a day or two to re-group.

time and patience