Feeling Great As a Woman

Feeling Great As a Woman Today

Yesterday I had a small procedure on my back carried out at hospital and was left a little sore. It needed to be done and boy am I glad it is over. Today though, it has left me feeling great as a woman and feeling that my body will heal and look after itself because I have been looking after my body.

I generally eat pretty well and work out to keep myself healthy and as supple as I’m going to be at 38! I also look after my mind and soul. The mind and soul thing is a newer thing I’ve added to my life and routine, I had to shift my mindset around to get a grip on it. But here I am trying meditating and taking time out from life to switch my busy brain off and focus on relaxing.

Why is relaxing so important?

There will be no technical terms used here, I’m not some health expert or therapist. However, relaxing and looking after yourself is common sense – although not to all. I know for me it wasn’t until it became a priority, because my mental health was suffering from burn out and stress.

healthy living

Now I make it a high priority to do something every day that is just for me and I’m calling it my Self Care 101. I’ll be writing a weekly blog post on here to tell you what I have been up to with my self care. I’ll try and aim to write it on Monday/Tuesday listing everything from the week before.

On that note, I am off to do some actual work and then take a lunch break and put Netflix on 🙂 Have a wonderful day.

~ Sonya

feeling good as a woman

When You Get To Burn Out

Don’t Get To Burn Out

Burning out is not cool – we should be listening to our bodies more and knowing when we’re struggling. But as women, we seem to muddle on through, think we’re bloody super woman by powering through, then hit burn out and then are basically… fucked! burn out women

I can say this because I just went through it just recently, over the last week even. Between dropping the guy who I was seeing because he was manipulative, my ex husband being a complete and utter wanker and then me losing a big client at work, I let myself get totally overwhelmed and got to a point (very almost) of giving up.

IF I had seen the signs, or more to the point, taken notice of them, I wouldn’t have gotten to that low point.

Self Care is Incredible Important

Yeah yeah, love yourself and all that. It IS important and it doesn’t have to be airy fairy or all yoga type stuff. It can be anything that makes you feel relaxed and helps you switch off from the world a bit. Here are some suggestions and some of these I will be taking note of myself and trying to apply weekly:

  • Running a nice bubble bath when the children are in bed.
  • Switching off your phone one evening a week, take an internet break.
  • Have a foodie evening (not all day) but an evening where you allow yourself treat foods without guilt.
  • Go for a nice walk, get out amongst the trees and the sunshine – or the rain if you like that sort of thing.
  • Breathe (massive deep breaths) before taking out your stresses on the kids – trust me, I am totally guilty of doing this.
  • Treat yourself to a massage or something like that. Rather than buying lunches out, save your money for a massage a month, or pedicure/manicure etc…
  • Stay in bed reading all evening without putting the TV on, just you and your book. Enjoy the peace and getting lost in a story.
  • Try and go to bed a little earlier one evening a week, even that extra half an hour can make a difference. self care empowering women

I actually think I will do all of the above at some point, because they’re all self care worthy. I do the walking bit every day with Poppy, so I can tick that off the list. I never have a bath when the kids are in bed, I usually have it earlier at the same time. However, I am going to rethink this.

There are lots of different ways we can look after ourselves better, these are just a few pointers.

On that note, I’m off to make coffee and maybe watch a little TV before I move on to my next task for the day.

~ Sonya


Mother-F*cker of a Man!!

So I posted this lovely blog after I’d met a fab man (or so I thought) and things were going really well. I won’t lie, last week a couple of small alarm bells rang, but I thought it was just me being cautious. But then Monday, yet Again he changes plans, just expecting me to go along with it, but this time I decided to say No. That it wasn’t ok to keep doing that (this must have been the 4th time) and that I can’t just drop everything to suit him. Well, that didn’t go down well!!

Outspoken Women

Suddenly he’s spouting ‘I need my own space’ ‘you want to know what I’m doing all the time’ utter BULLSHIT! I’m not the kind of woman who needs to be texting every 5min and when he is with his friends I always leave him to it. He’d been out partying in London all weekend and I was totally cool with it, I just got on with my thing. So I told him to jog the fuck on and to take all the space he needed, because I was outta there!!

It seemed to likes strong women who know their mind but not when they spoke their mind and he doesn’t like what they’re saying! Mother fucker, he met the wrong woman!

Then my ex goes and cancels on the kids for this weekend, I was SO angry, that yet again, he thinks this is ok. I laid into that man in a way I haven’t before. The anger all came out in such a rage. I have now cut him off. The children have his number, they can contact him. For me though, I’m done.

Don’t Fuck With Me

I’m in very much a ‘don’t fuck with me’ mood – I won’t tolerate anything from anyone this week. There are probably 100 errors in this blog post, I’m typing so bloody fast! I’m glad I have written this post and gotten it out of my system a little.

don't fuck with me

You know what too? This experience with this seemingly wonderful man has shown me one thing – how much I have grown. That I care about ME enough to say ENOUGH. That I walked away from the signs, that I am not desperate and that I won’t settle.

So I am putting this in the Women Success Stories, because I rock and so do you.

~ Sonya

Feeling The Love

I’m Feeling the Love

Yep – Totally feeling the love since meeting this amazing guy, so I wanted to share some quotes with you that have stood out to me recently. Quotes I have seen milling around online but I’ve not really resonated with them until just recently, because I have not experienced them.

These quotes now make total sense to me 🙂

~ Sonya

When You Meet Someone Amazing

Meeting Someone Amazing

I did it, I finally met someone. Not in what you’d call an unconventional way these days, Tinder would you believe! Don’t you go believing that they’re all idiots on there, I have dated a few nice guys from being on there, I just didn’t fall for them. Then this man came along a few weeks ago into my life and I’m utterly falling for him and he for me.

Last month I felt lonely, like I wasn’t meant to be with someone. 4 years single and how could I have such little luck?! THEN it happened and as a friend said to me last week ‘it was like all the shit from the last few years has brought you to This moment’ and it’s actually perfectly true.

meeting someone new

We have been out on dates, spend dates in, laughed, joked, kissed (and the rest) and talked about our lives and what we want. He is a scientist (a doctor of science even) check me out lol! And he is amazing. I feel like my life has taken this sudden U bend in the road of life and I’ve ended up in this perfect destination that I never knew existed.

I just wanted to share with you how happy I am.

~ Sonya

The Kids Are Going Back To School

Whoop! The Kids Are Going Back To School

I can’t lie, I have had a pretty cool summer with my two beats and our puppy Poppy. But they kids go back to school next week and I for one am looking forward to some routine back in my life. I want to work on this some more, run my businesses The Corset Lady and Social Success with Sonya, get my workouts in and take longer walks with Poppy. Isn’t she precious?

We love our kids, but we also love our routine right ladies? We’ve made memories this summer, but ready for things to settle for a while. I forgot I have some press vouchers to use, so I think we’ll eat out one day next week and have a yummy meal out.

I’m probably talking complete shit in my blog posts, but I for one am really enjoying writing these posts.

When Loneliness Kicks In

When the Loneliness Kicks In

Boy oh boy did the loneliness kick in the last few days. I thought I was totally fine, I have been on my own a long while and aways coped just fine. Here’s how it started:

I went on a date, I thought it had gone well, he brought flowers, chocolate and a warm smile. It got a little physical (much needed) and it was going great. We had a lovely meal and suddenly it felt like he wanted it to be over. I didn’t understand why.

The next day I didn’t hear from him, so by lunchtime I thought I’d send a friendly message and say Hi, asked how he was. He kept it pretty cool. He basically didn’t want what I did.

I Felt So Lonely

I hadn’t realised I even felt lonely until he had cuddled me that night, I real genuine cuddle that actually made me want to cry (I didn’t show that). I felt starved of affection. I have been on my own for 4 years with only a few dates. I have given my life to my children and my business, not thinking much about myself. Something needs to be done about that, I need to look after myself more.

I am lucky and I am aware of that. A lovely home, great friends, ‘some’ great family and amazing children. That doesn’t stop me wanting affection from a man, sex (yeah I said it) and cuddles. Someone to share my life with, my day, my feelings. It’s about time I started doing some of the below.

self care empowering women

Patience Quotes

How do we feel about Patience?

Patience, not an emotion (is it an emotion?) I don’t feel often, I’m more of a ‘jump and see what happens’ kinda girl. patience quote

I’ve been trying to adopt patience with my daughter (Maya 8.5 years) this summer. She’s suddenly very ‘grown up’ and rather ‘showy off’ and it’s frustrating. It can get embarrassing too. We’ve had words on several occasions. I sat here tonight looking at these quotes and wanted to share them. Maybe you can resonate with them too.

patience quote

My daughter has made me feel like this one below the most lol! However, they’re going to their dads for a long weekend tomorrow. The break will do us all good. I feel ready to take it all again once I’ve had a day or two to re-group.

time and patience

How I Cope With Stress

Want to know how I cope with stress?

I’m not sure I have a set way of coping with stress, it completely depends on the day and the situation. I have been known to scream and shout on more than several occasions, then on other days I just retreat, what I call going into hibernation. Below is a list of some of the things I do to help me cope with stress, along with a few more in the picture below.

List of things that help me cope with stress:

  • Going for a walk is definitely one I do a lot. We now live in the countryside since leaving my husband 6 years ago and I love being around nature, totally soothing. London doesn’t have this magic for me anymore.
  • Dance it out, this is one I do with the kids. I really don’t want to do it most of the time, but force myself to.
  • I work out! This one I do a lot. It REALLY helps boost those endorphins and makes me smile more. I have a ‘fuck yeah’ attitude after a workout, which is better than the ‘fuck off’ attitude I have to the world Before a workout.
  • Clean the house, this is part of ‘focus on what you can control’ and when I’m done, I love seeing my house sparkling clean. It’s a form of exercise too as it gets my heart rate up.
  • Go and be nice to other people, they’ll be nice back, it’s a win win. When you need someone to be nice to you, this totally works.

A few more ways to cope with stress below…

cope with stress

I hope this small list provides at least one new way for you to deal with stress a little better. We need to find ways to destroy all that negative energy, it’s not healthy for our mind or body. Positive mindset is a powerful thing. You’ve got this. Keep trying a new things.