Self Care 101

Self Care 101 Week Two

Another week has gone – can you believe it?! I’m sticking to my self caring and doing one thing small thing for me a day. The week ahead will be harder because it’s half term, the children are at home all week (of course no help from their dad)

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Here’s what I got up to last week in my self care:

Monday – I kept it simple and had a lovely bath (seeing as my daughter had ruined my planned bath the night before) then I just chilled in bed watching Netflix. Really easy, simple, yet effective.

Tuesday – I decided to do it a little differently today. I worked out. I have had a week off from working out because of my back, so I eased my way back in and got active, it felt great! Being healthy is a great way to self care. It put me in a great mood, as with all my workouts.

Wednesday – Extremely busy day, so it’s a bath and listening to the Calm app for 10 minutes trying to zone out a little and switch off. So much running around today, lots to do and I was exhausted. A little workout, but not much as I have to stay away from upper body until my back is fully healed. Just some inner thigh work.

Thursday – Up at 5.30am and not home till after 6PM! The self care was eat what the hell I want and feel no guilt. I also switched off from my phone early once catching up on all the notifications. I was in Northampton attending a fantastic day with like minded women entrepreneurs. Great Day!

Friday – Thank goodness for a slightly slower day. It was still busy, but I decided to take half an hour during the day with my essential oil butter cream and watch a little TV (much like last Friday afternoon) Friday evening is busy with taking my son to jujitsu etc, so my evenings are written off as I don’t sit down till gone 9PM.

The week ahead will be harder as the children are off school. But I’m thinking of having a half hour in the day where I just sit and read and they’re told not to disturb me for half an hour. They are old enough to understand I need my time too. I let them have plenty of damn time right?

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