Being a Single Mum

being a single mum

Life As a Single Mum

The life of a single mum eh. Not only am I a single mum, I’m a single mum who does this shit solely alone 98% of the time. Their dad barely has them, barely provides for them and as for any help from family? Don’t make me laugh!

Here’s the thing though, I don’t let that shit stress me, instead, I let it empower me, let it help me grow. Grow as a woman, as a mother and as a business owner. It’s no joke owning 2 businesses, bringing up 2 children and trying to put healthy food on the table… oh and keep my house in order. BUT I thrive on that shit!

What Drives Me Forward

Having been in what turned out to be an abusive marriage and me finding the courage to walk away, I used that negative emotion to drive me forward and succeed. I had to rely on part state benefits years ago for some time, but I turned my life around and now need to rely on nobody but my damn self for the last however many years!!

YES! I’m bloody proud. No, I’m not showing off as someone on my page told me once because I’d put a photo of a home cooked meal on my page (some people eh) but yes I am damn proud of what I have achieved. You see, I know lots of other women who are single mums and they have excuses as long as their arm why they can’t work, let along start their own businesses. I decided to not have the mindset of excuses, but use the negativity in my life to drive me forward.

I’d look at my two babies (only toddlers back then) and used to tell myself I would do it for them, I would show them you can work, have kids and get the right balance in life. As I sit here now, in November 2018, I am proud of where I am. A homeowner, good food on the table, I do the school runs, cooking for the kids and going away a couple of times a year. What more could I possibly ask for? And to think I do this with no help with the kids. Of course I’m proud, why wouldn’t I be? Thankfully I surround myself with the type of women where we all have one another backs and we help one another, support one another and celebrate one another successes.

I wish the same for everyone I know, to find that perfect balance (or as close as you can get to it) and that feeling of contentment.

I’m waffling a little (I do that a lot) I’m a little tired, so I’m going to log off now. Have a great rest of the week my loves.

~ Sonya

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