Toxic People

Letting Go Of Toxic People

Toxic people, we’ve all had them in our lives and some of us have even walked away from these people. It’s not easy to do let me tell you. It’s an act of courage.

I walked away from my mum and I think I only had the guts to do it because she fell out with me and then ignored me. After 3 attempts to contact her, I suddenly kind of woke up and thought ‘what the actual fuck’ and decided it was time to leave her be. And you know what – life has been less gossipy, less stressful, less of me trying to please her and less anxiety.

I have backed away from a couple of friends too. Not because I dislike them, but because I have realised how differently we choose to live our lives and we’re not really in line with another ways.

It takes guts to walk away from toxic people – but when you do, it’s very freeing, it’s liberating.

This is a short post from me today whilst I sit and catch up on Greys and rest. I have a poorly daughter at the moment, so lack of sleeping and worrying about her has worn me out a little. Have a wonderful weekend ladies.

~ Sonya

toxic people