Empowering Women Worldwide

empowering women worldwide

Empowering Women

I’m Sonya – a girl from the UK who developed a passion for empowering women and empowering them worldwide. After a tornado of a marriage, being a single mum, owning her own business, then having it fail, then owning anther business, I feel I have been there and done it all.

I wanted to share my life, my stories, my history and how I did it, in the hope it would inspire and empower more women worldwide. Whether it be that they find my courage inspiring and women stick up for themselves more or they walk away from a dead end job and find something they love. I just want to help.

With my 2 children in tow (Zayd 9.5 years and Maya 8.5 years) I am living life and mostly loving life. I do get bad days, I get god damn awful days, but I’m still standing and mostly smiling. Us women need to stand next to one another and empower one another, not tear one another down. Are you with me on this? I Hope So! empowering women strong quotes

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